Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Baby #3 is a...

Whiting Baby #3 is going to be a...
Monday November 2nd (the day that marks J & I's first date back in 2003) was the day we discovered we would be adding a sassy, spoiled, little tom-boy to our family. A perfect fit. The "Big Brothers" are ecstatic and the name tug-of-war is in full effect. Now our focus is PINK, bows, dresses 'n frills...we will leave it up to the "Bothers" to keep our buttercup from getting too girlie. More good news came at our visit when the Dr. talked to us regarding bed rest, puking, bleeding, etc. etc (our issues) and tests & ultrasounds have all come back and we are in the clear...delivery will be normal, baby is perfect, and prayers have been answered. We are truly blessed...and couldn't be more excited...can't you tell!?!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

" Trick-Or-Treat, Smell my feet, Give me something good to eat!" This tune has been ringing through our ears all month long by one little 5 year old that rules our roost. Halloween was filled with parties, cookies - caramel apples - candies, and 2 little super heroes saving the day in our house. 1st stop on Halloween- Team "Big Red's" last soccer game, 2nd stop-Sydney's 5th birthday party, 3rd stop- showing off Batman & Spider man at the Merrells house, 4th stop- the ward Trunk-Or-Treat party, and stop #5, the last stop of the night- at Grandma 'n Grandpa Smith's house for one last doorbell ring and "Trick-Or-Treat." Our Halloween equaled fun, sugar, sugar, and more sugar. Can't wait till next year...along with our new addition.

Soccer 2009

Soccer 2009 existed of a team of 13 players, 3 head coaches, and a random number of winning games this season. Team "Big Red" had a fun time running, kicking, and chasing the ball up 'n down & back again on the soccer field. Mr. JCrew had more than his fair share of good times playing on the field. Whether he was positioned at forward, defender, or goalie...he came with his game face on, his dad coaching by his side, and his fan club cheering him and the rest of the team on along the sidelines. Way to go Team "Big Red" on a fun season.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Faces

It's that time of year when carving pumpkins is a necessity in every home and we have one 5 year old in particular that has been more than eager to cut out his pumpkin face. Our night was set for FHE, dinner gobbled up, pumpkins set out, carving utensils lined up, and away we went cutting, gutting, and detailing our "Jack-O-Lanterns." J & "The Man" worked hard (2+ hours) carving out their wicked flaming Jack and me (with an occasional interest from the little guy) carving out a smiling skeleton. The proof is in the pudding...happy faces from all, pumpkins perfectly carved, and a Family Night well spent.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cookie Crazy

Cookie crazy, coo-coo, in over my head with dough. What started out as a pregnancy craving turned into a ridiculous cookie baking project. I had more than enough help with 2 little monsters that added to the "work" of making over 130+ Halloween sugar cookies...who new doubling my mother's recipe would produce me with that much dough rolling, shape stamping, and cookie baking chaos! Although it created a fun family night it also created flour covered, dough 'n cookie eatin', little messes named Crew & Trip. Next time I will remind my "craving" that doubling the sugar cookie recipe is more work than its worth...even though...they are just that good!

Pumpkin Pick'n At the Garden

This weekend Grandma n Grandpa Smith invited the boys out to the garden to get thier pick of pumpkins that they grew for all the grandchildren. Crew found many that were "just perfect," Trip was a little more interested in finding the bugs in the garden rather than finding the pumpkins, and S & J snatched a couple of thier own from the patch to carve for themselves. And just before leaving, Mr. JCrew put in one request to Grandma: to turn one of her pumpkins into a pumpkin pie...just for him! Thanks Grams n Gramps for the pumpkins!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Perfect Pumpkin

Rebel #1 went on his 1st Kindergarten field trip to the Willis Farm. Kindergartner's got the opportunity to make their merry way through the pumpkin patch and find themselves that "perfect pumpkin" to take home with them. The Rule: no pickin' pumpkins that you (the kindergartner) could not carry home &/or to the bus themselves. This I already new and prepped our little man on what and how to find his pumpkin in the patch that would be just right for him. So he was off, and I was eagerly awaiting his arrival home with his pick. 11 o'clock came and Crew climbing off the bus...with pumpkin in arms...squeals and giggles of excitement, his great pumpkin pickin' accomplishment was relayed to me, "Mom, I just did it! I found the most perfect pumpkin out there!!!" And it was just "perfect."

Thursday, September 24, 2009

When life hands you lemons...

When life hands us lemons, we make lemonade....gallons of it. The Whiting household has been plagued. We are down and out...S is on bed rest & has developed the flu, the "wild things" are snot stricken & sick, and the "glue" that has been holding all of us together has kidney stones. We have been hit with a ton of bricks...this is the vision of our chaos: ALL bundled up in our beds, tissues 'n puke buckets near by, loaded on meds, and waiting for this to pass us by one way or the other. We are just thankful we live near to family and have friends that are sympathetic in our distress. "This too shall pass..." and we will look back and laugh at the week from Hell in the Whiting Household :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Bun is in the Oven

A Bun is cookin' in the oven at the Whiting house. This will make "Bun" #3 and boys are excited to have an addition to our already existing chaos. As tradition goes with my pregnancies I tend to get a little sick (that may be an understatement...I get a lot sick), so IF you haven't already suspected we have been carrying around a secret now its out in the open. I had my 1st OB/baby check up visit this week and this is our delima: those of you that have been in on our secret know I have been spotting/bleeding sporadically throughout this pregnancy along with being very very sick. In this Dr. visit we were hoping to get answers to the cause of bleeding and being reassured that everything is okay with the baby. Well...first attempts at finding the heartbeat were negative (which was a little devastating for me) they sent me right away to the ultrasound tech there in the office and she did a vag. procedure to get images and attempt to hear the heartbeat...which was an instant success and good news. Heartbeat was very strong and the baby is growing and developing fine (and we are actually a week further along in the pregnancy than we thought :) ). BUT, there was a concern that the Dr. later discussed with me...where the placenta has decided to attach and the sight of the bleed is right at my cervix...not the best place for it to be...the concerns = IF we begin bleeding continuous the chances of miscarriage are inevitable....IF I continue to carry this baby with the tear remaining were it is this makes out for a very risky c-section delivery, the Dr. will have to "make his move very fast" as he will be cutting through more tissues/and in a more dangerous area than usual (Good news is he has done this surgery before on several women and has been successful his words, "it's not easy but we will be successful.")...AND/OR... what we are praying for (and asking all of you to keep us in your prayers) is that as the baby& placenta continue to grow that the sight of the tear will be pushed upward and to the side making surgery/delivery a much better ( and less scary) experience. I have been placed on complete pelvic bed rest and may remain down for the extent of the pregnancy. We are confident in our Dr. and following his guidance to get this baby here healthy and happy. We would appreciate it if you would remember us in your prayers...and are relying on the Lord to help us(me) keep it together...we got a long 9 months(actually 6 months) ahead of us. We love you guys, Jason, Shanda, & Fam. THANKS.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

100 Club

Counting to 100 is a BIG accomplishment...at least in Mrs. Tanner's Kindergarten class. Mr. JCrew has been bragging since the 1st day of school that he can count to 100 and was ready to be in "The Club" (plus pick out his 100 items from the treasure box for his BIG reward). So the day finally arrived when he was given the opportunity to show his stuff...and he did. Crew is now officially a member of Mrs. Tanner's 100 Club. Their couldn't be a kid any prouder...and parents too!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Virgil Whiting Reunion

The Whiting Homestead, is a place that is sacred to many and holds memories that can't be sold. Our family was found on Labor Day weekend at the Virgil Whiting Family Reunion. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, the dirt, rain, & mud were all in attendance (minus me a couple of days - I was a little too sick to rough it...wink wink. ) My "Fellas" loved the homestead, getting acquainted with cousins, the dirt, and becoming real mountain men! They had all kinds of fun, dancing a jig, listening to stories, crawdad fishing, having mud fights, launching water balloons and roughing it up with ALL the boys!!! I am so thankful to be a part of such a rich heritage of family. I know my 'Whiting Boys' can't wait to go again.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lil' Artist

It must be a right of passage in every 2 year old life to get their crafty little hands on a pair of crayons, markers, makeup, etc. and smear it along walls, legs, arms, furniture, etc. etc. - It fathoms me that our little artist will find these messy 'applicators' when these items are clearly out of sight, out of reach, and locked away!!! We got to break this bad habit of our little Picasso's coloring his legs & arms & the house before I loose all sanity scrubbing away at little scribbles.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lucky Me

So traditionally I am not one who is fortunate enough to enter into a random drawing and actually win anything. In fact, I tend to be cynical in regards to throwing my money away into a few tickets to be tossed into hundreds that then gets randomly pulled out...and as lessons have been learned...I do not EVER WIN ( I leave the luck up to Big J)!!! That is until I attended the annual Snowflake/Taylor Business Expo-Preparedness Fair and was convinced to donate my $5 into a drawing. Big J already had the stench of victory all over him after a big win on a Kurt Warner Cardinals jersey. So, a little eager for the 'wife' to gamble on a picture of Christ, he urged me to put all my tickets in to attempt to win this beautifully framed piece of art. My tickets were dropped into the jar, regretfully, and the drawing was made....I didn't believe it at first (probably because they were not pronouncing my name correctly) until fingers were all pointing at me. I was elated!!! My 1st REAL big win!!! Luck was on my side...finally!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sonic Bandit

The Plan: take the rebels to the park to celebrate our 1st days back to school. The Story: we arrive at the park, early evening, along with many other families that seemed to have the same plan as us. Kids ran around laughing, playing, and recognizing one another from classes, to the playground, to bus rides home. All is well, that is until Dun...Dun...dun...I catch a glimpse of my son, Trip, eyeing a near by picnic table loaded with an innocent families dinner from Sonic. I think nothing of it other than hmmm...we should pick up dinner after we leave. I do a double take as I hear laughter coming from Trip's recent location...our little rebel had sprinted towards the table, taken it upon himself to climb into the middle of their table to feast on their leftovers!!! Humiliated (and killing from laughter inside) I run over to table apologizing...thank goodness the victims were more than welcoming to invite the "Crasher" to dinner with them. So next time you bring your meal from Sonic to the park...beware of the "Sonic Bandit" that may be stalking the playground!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kindergarten's Here!

Well, the day has come. The tears have been shed (All by me, of course. Didn't you know, "Kindergartner's don't cry when they go to school."), his shoes tied tight, back-pack strapped on, and the much anticipated day of attending Kindergarten has arrived. Our little boy (excuse me, Big Boy) is off on a new adventure...new school, new friends to meet, new things to learn. What Fun! Almost makes me want to go back to Kindergarten...almost, I said ;) I can't wait to hear the stories of his 1st day of school!!!

New Church Calling

2+ years walking through the halls of church, enjoying Relief Society, chatting it up with the ladies in the lounge, and now the day has come when I have yet again been assigned a "Calling." Always a little nervous when the Bishop calls you into his office not knowing what he will ask of you....BUT, I couldn't have been more excited when he uttered the words Primary. I love the primary kids and was assigned to teach the 7-8year olds (such a fun age and always fun to celebrate and witness their baptisms). I am thrilled to take on the new challenge of 13+ boys and girls to teach in primary.


After 40+ years (43 to be exact) of doing "A big ol' pile of shift work" Pop's actually retired (to many peoples surprise) from the Paper Mill in Snowflake. The fam threw him a surprise retirement party in red, white, and blue...in celebration of his "Sweet Freedom" from work. There were over a hundred people who showed up to support him and celebrate his retirement. I think we all laughed and cried at the stories that MANY felt "inspired" to tell about our Dad and his selfless service he has provided throughout his life thus far. We expect him to start making the rounds to see his grand kids. NO MORE: Work seven to three - Three to eleven - Eleven to seven - A big ol' pile of shift work! Congrats Dad.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Church Talk

Future missionary Mr. JCrew gave his 1st church talk in primary on Sunday. Lots of practice repeating the 2min. story was spent between BIG J, the "Man", and I all week so he could have his speech in his head and ready for his debut. Sunday morning came, his shoes were shined up, tie on straight, talk in hand, and come time for primary delivered his talk with enthusiasm (along with a little help from mom, as his assistant, holding up pics). Congratulations Crew, we are so proud of you and hope that your enthusiasm for talking in church continues throughout life.

St. Johns Pioneer Days 2009

St. Johns Pioneer Days 2009 (short n sweet) = the fam, campfire cirlce, Corky's, a little service work, late night games, and enjoying the parade - the laughs of cousins playing together - and the "Stations" crushed ice.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Snowflake Pioneer Days 2009

Snowflake Pioneer Days 2009 (in a "nut-shell") = family, food, parades, church softball championships, remembering our heritage, and of course wrapping up loose ends with a rodeo & fireworks show.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The most dreaded words in our little rebel 5 year old's vocabulary is...Back to School Shots! A right of passage that we all (or most) get the dreaded opportunity to endure through before entering the long awaited journey into Kindergarten. I prepped our rebel in on the big talk of "all 'Tough Guy's' get Shots for Kindergarten speech" before heading out for the dramatic experience which was about to occur. A little paper work, a little distraction, and a quick pinch, sting, and tears later we both survived the most unfortunate duties of our back to school check list. The worst of it is over...know he's off to Kindergarten in a few short weeks!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Independence Day

Fireworks, picnics, parades, barbecues, and rodeos are only a few of the many fun traditions tied to the 4th of July. Bright and early Independence morning a great Feast was dished at Papa & Nana Smithies house. Decorated with flags, streamers, and everything red, white, and blue, all the grand kids (and adults) were feeling the holiday spirit. The remainder of the day was spent roaming the mountain enjoying the festivities. And of course we ended the night in the best All American Spirit... BBQing with extended family, lighting off a few fireworks of our own (shhhh...), and listening to the ooh & ahhhs of the kids under the firework show. What better way to celebrate our independence than with family.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Every household that contains testosterone within its walls has been anticipating the arrival of TRANSFORMERS II (the Revenge of the Fallen). The recap of our date night went something along the lines of this: Husband + Wife + a little added baggage named Crew = a little drive to the Movie Theater, paid for our tickets, picked up our popcorn & drinks at the concession stand (a must do for any movie), staked out our seats, settled down for entertainment, watched Crew get his first on screen crush on Megan Fox, holding hands & sharing popcorn with the one I love, and feeding into the cheers of oohs & ahhs of our little 5 year old boys excitement while the "good-bots" beat up the "bad"-bots and won. I don't know who was the better date, the one who paid for it or the one that made it so entertaining...they'll have to settle for a tie.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Little Slugger

T-ball season has come to an end. Mr. JCrew laced up his cleats, slapped on his ball cap, and carried his glove out on the field one last time. Although our little 5 year old got a little bored with the game halfway through the season and not to mention a little distracted while waiting to catch a ball or get a hit during games, he still loved playing with his little team-mates. He stuck with it, he loved it, and looked so handsome while hittin' dingers at the park!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saguaro Lake Getaway

The Whiting Families spent the weekend down by the river....we had a weekend planned full of sun, water, and relaxation at the SRP lake homes. Minus the boat this year, (may it rest in peace), we still had a a fun time laughing & relaxing with the kids and one another. Our days were spent watching kids splash in the pool & attempt cool new tricks on the slip and slide, driving into to town and taking the kids to the movie UP (which is definitely a new fave), late night competitive games of Mexican Domino's, a very serious game of 3 on 3 volleyball (plus a few little helpers on each team) and launching water balloons using each other as targets. It was a lot of fun and our family can't wait to go again.

Swim Lessons

Our little Goldfish (that thinks he's the Big Kahuna) Mr. JCrew is taking the long awaited plunge for swimming lessons. It was so much fun to watch all the little kids try to prove their swimming skills in the water. Some were pros, some panicked, and others sank like rocks...thanks goodness for all the great lifeguards staked out in & around the pool. Crew will learn to swim yet...that is, IF he won't be concerned about doing the "Most Perfect Cannon Ball ever" and listen to his very patient ever so sweet Swimming Teachers. Crew, you will be a shark yet!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preschool's Out...

(Pre) School's Out Forever...for our strapping young man Mr. JCrew. He came home with his Graduation Certificate in hand, a smile on his face, and three cheers...summer is FINALLY here! These past few months of preschool have been filled with questions about Kindergarten, and how to tie his shoes so that he can graduate to go to Kindergarten, and every morning the question gets asked..."Mom, is it a Kindergarten school day yet?" 2 years in preschool has long been enough for this little rebel...he is definitely ready to enter into the Big World of Kindergarten learning....we too, are excited and nervous, for him to be a Big Kindergartener next year...what a HUGE milestone we will all get to tackle together.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tree Monkeys

Two little monkeys swinging in the tree....literally, swinging and screaming with glee. My little adventurers decided to climb the apple tree to get away from the "wild animals in the grass, aka: the dog" ...or so the story is told. And of course Crew just had to have his 2 year old partner in crime, Trip, get into the tree too, by assisting him with a chair and a little boost. It's a wonder to me that we have yet had an emergency room visit for broken bones & stitches (knock on wood). I can only imagine what these little monkeys will attempt to climb next. I'm sure it will go along the lines of this...1-bigger trees 2-the walls of my house 3-and Everest!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Crinkled Mother's Day Card

This is what Rebel #1 comes home with, grasping a card in his little hands, on Mother's Day...

(All the reasons I LOVE my Mom)

  1. My mom is special because...she always helps me be good.
  2. My mom's the funniest when she...makes funny faces.
  3. My mom always says...good things to me.
  4. My mom does lots of things. She' best at...school.
  5. My mom is smart because she knows all about...stuffs.
  6. My mom's the prettiest when...she goes to church.
  7. I like it when my mom...helps me with school stuffs.
  8. My mom is special because she...loves just me.

What a sweetheart. To tell you the truth I think my little guy may have had a little help answering or, for lack of a better word, "altering" some of his replies (specifically on #'s 3, 1, and I gotta give credit to the teach on #6). All in all I couldn't be happier with my testosterone overloaded house...I love my Whiting Boys. Thanks for the Mother's Day.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Batter Up...

The "Man" had his very first ever T-Ball game. Let me just say, I think us parents are into this game just as much (if not more) than our rebels that storm the field. What’s most important to me at this moment is his enjoyment (he's only 5, I can't expect him to be hitting dingers out of the park yet)…but he’s bound to get pretty good at it IF he gets a taste for it. I know he is the kind of kid, who once, hooked will not stop til he’s mastered it. Whatever it is. The entire point of him playing is so he can learn if he likes it or not. Now truthfully, I probably talked it up a bit to him…you know something along the lines of “Mommy likes to play softball …don’tcha wanna play ball like Mommy?” Because I would much rather him play something I know a little about rather than be involved in something I can’t help him with…Like Chess or Basket Weaving. However, if after the season is over he doesn’t want to play again, I won’t force him (but encourage him to try try again)...but I am sure we won't have a problem with that...the game was a success! Way to go get 'em #9.

Baseball's "Opening Day"

I don't know who is more excited Mr.Crew or Big J & I. It was "Opening Day" here in Snowflake to welcome out the eager little leagers to America's favorite past time. Teams met coaches, sported out their new jerseys & hats, and got the chance to run out into the infield as their names were announced over the PA system. Crew was so excited to be a part of all the action. His little teammates practiced their team hand shake, gave eachother chest bumps, and chanted their team name. Ball park food was served, little bellies filled, & smiles were found as everyone braced themselves for the upcoming season. "Lets Go Bees!"

Egg Hunting

* EGG HUNTING 2009 *
Easter Sunday at Papa & Nana Smith's House = food, family, and the annual "Golden Egg Challenge." Dinner is eaten, desert devoured, eggs are hidden, and eager giggles bound as the flood gates open to the hunt. Eggs hidden in & over, on top & under every surface of Papa's backyard. Grand kids ran with smiles plastered on their faces fighting for the chance to claim the title of "Winner of the Hunt" BUT this year there was a twist in the egg hunting game. There was not just one golden egg to be sought after but 2 golden eggs AND a bonus silver egg. Competition was fierce, drive was high, and a little help from Grandpa with the rebels led to Trip with loads of eggs & Mr. JCrew to digging up (literally digging the egg out of the ground...we take our egg hunt seriously) the valued "Silver Egg". Thanks for the fun hunting Grandma & Grandpa Smith!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter thought

I can’t believe I am posting something on a blog but I guess I can take comfort in the fact I am not creating my own blog just posting a thought and saying thank you on my wife’s blog. This Easter season I want to say thank you to each of you for being a friend and supporting me and my family. I want to thank my family members for being a strong support system and pulling together and becoming closer each day. I want to thank my wife for being all I have ever needed her to be and standing by my side through the good and the bad. I want to thank my savior for understanding what no one else ever could but him. For lifting me up on days I struggle and for filling me with hope and a desire to do better.
Times are tough for most of us right now, financially, mentally, and sometimes spiritually. “WHY” I have a hard time with this word, it demands so much and yet warrants little thought or action on behalf of the person asking the question. Trust me I get that it would be nice to know exactly why something had to happen the way it did. I still ask “why” most days and I wish the desire to know “why” would go away. Ultimately I am learning that “why” does not matter. It is not the answer to why but rather the question “How” that matters. How can I pick myself up and change for the better, financially, mentally, and spiritually?
I miss my mother no doubt. I find my self often wanting to pick up the phone and call her for advice or direction. I find that I start to look forward to a holiday like Easter as I think about the great traditions my mom and dad taught me and that we cherish at holidays. Picnics at the park or in the woods, Easter egg hunts, and small but meaningful present’s mom would put together for us on Easter morning, time together laughing and having a good time together with each other. Church on Easter Sunday in our new church clothes and a lesson or conversation about the meaning of Easter. This year will be different for sure and I have been dreading Easter a little as mom won’t be physically here with us. I found that I have been too caught up in asking that dang word “why.” How sad right…. No not that I miss my mom but that I have been missing “it” and “it” was right in front of me. This holiday we celebrate the fact that Christ lives. He broke the chains of death and lives and loves us and that because of this “why” does not really matter. Making good choices and asking my self “how” each day and working to become a better man, friend, worker, dad, husband, and son of God will allow me to focus on “how” rather than “why.”
Mom I miss you, I love you, and I think about you each and every day. Often I wish you where here and sometimes I know you are. I want you to be proud of your son and the man I am trying to become. I want to do all I can to prepare to see you again. I want to thank you and dad for sharing the gospel with me. For being the missionaries who worked so hard with the lord to convert me. I pray I do the same for my kids and family. I am so grateful for my savior Jesus Christ and his eternal sacrifice. I am thankful for his individual concern for me and my family and know he works with my family as we come to him with a broken heart and a contrite spirit because that is what he requires of each of us. Thank you for all I have and thank you for teaching me the importance of “how” rather than “why”

Check out this great clip put together on Easter. Well worth you time.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Shower

Hey Everyone! Here is the Shower invite for Jaymi Davis...sorry IF you didn't get an invitation (we didn't have every ones addresses, etc.-) BUT we want everyone to know so spread the word!!! Thanks
A giggle, a coo, a sweet little smile.
A baby boy will be here in just a short while.
It's a Baby Shower in Honor of...
Jaymi Davis
Thurs. 19th March 2009
Shanda Whiting's Home
(for directions please send me an email @ shandawhiting@hotmail.com )
6-8pm (come & go)
Given by:
Shanda Whiting & Julie Nielsen
Hope to see you all there!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Go. Going. Gone.

There are 3 ways a man wears his hair
- parted - unparted - or departed.

Go. Going. Gone. Sunday morning the boys in the house where in desperate need of a hair-cuts and so our story begins...Crew-snip, snip, snip, done. Trip-snip, snip, snip, done. Big J, snip, snip, snip...thought I was done...then the question was asked, "how big is the bald spot on top of my head?" The next thing we know the clippers are going and...buzz, buzz, buzz...we buzz his head...then out came the razor and shave, shave, shave...our end result = Big J with a sexy, round, bald head! Bald is Better...we love it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Keep Moving Forward...

Despite all grief, sadness, & mourning we come to one realization: life moves on. The world does not stop its rotation. The hands on the clock tick on. We pick ourseleves up and keep moving forward. So in the gap of time that has passed this is has been our life:
Saying Goodbye-
We just want you all to know how much we love and appreciate you, your kind actions, your thoughts, and your prayers. It means so much to our family. You all impacted our lives and made it easier to have so many people we love there to support us in this difficult time. She was such an amazing woman and will be dearly missed. She will be watching over us...there isn't a better gaurdian angel out there.

Sending the "Elders" back to their missions to fullfill their work-

Jason & I at: The Lion King-

Taking a little getaway vaca. w/ the Davis Family to Disney Land (SuperBowl weekend...we didn't think that one through...thank goodness for TiVo) -

“Around here we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things.” – Walt Disney