Thursday, March 27, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

On March 21st Big J & I tucked year number 5 under our belt. Where has the time gone...I think I have an idea...its rushed away with losing loved ones & bringing new bundles into the world, its filled with meaningless arguments & sweet little glimpse's of why we love each other, unforgettable memories, laughter, 'pillow talk', winks from across the room, Jason's endless determination to never let a 'girl' (named Shanda) beat him in any game (or its a re-due, malfunction, or some other foul play), finally perfecting 'the kiss', and so much more. 5 years came and went in a blink of an eye. We celebrated our union by having honeymoon #2 back in the place where it all started. LasVegas. Big J planned a little recreation of our 1st honeymoon. Everything kept the same except the entertainment. Day 1, 1st show - The Price is Right. Every small town girls dream to have her name called to "Come on down!" BUT unfortunately luck wasn't with us Thursday afternoon. A little disappointed and spirits dampened we moved on to the next priority.....going out with one of my favorite girls (and letting the boys tag a long behind us). Dawn & Wyatt came to pick us up and away we went to fill our bellies with The Cheesecake Factory. Its always a good time when you don't get to see friend (but only a couple of times a year) and you know that the two of you can always pick up where you left off like you never skipped a beat. That's why your the best Dawn. Good times, good laughs, and Dawns cutest prego belly, ended our night of day 1. Day #2, actually getting a chance to sleep in without 2 little boys coming in to tell you to Rise & Shine. Although, kind of missed (and a phone call later to check on the normally rascally boys) we were off to the top of the Stratosphere tower to check out the view and 'think' about whether or not "the BIG shot" was the ride for us. 10 min. later and a little weak kneed after seeing the rides (and thinking that you would have to be ridiculously out of your mind to go on them) we headed out to the "strip" to take in the scene. Fast forward to night and out and about the town we headed to the Venetian for show #2, the Blue Man Group, all to find out when arriving to pick up our tickets that our show wasn't until Saturday night. With no time to make it back to our hotel room to grab the tickets for the show that we were supposed to be at, at another venue (The Ultimate Variety Show) Big J asked what the chances where to get Phantom tickets for the night. Thinking we didn't have a chance the little box office man said I have 2 tickets for the Phantom of the Opera tonight. A swipe of the card and 2 tickets later we where seated in the Opera house ready for the show. The night was ended with tears on my face and a grin that could stretch for miles. Day 3, another wake less morning and having no time restrictions we decided to hit the top of the tower for one more look of the city.....and to be one of those ridiculously silly persons and ride "The BIG Shot." A little green in the face, and wobbly kneed we made our way back down from the ride. Glad we can say we did it, not likely to do it again. A little over exuberated from the ride we took a little afternoon nap to fade any, if not all, the green faced Jason & Shanda to our regular being. Hours later. Primped and poised we headed out for our final show....The Blue Man Group. So excited for the show I stole a few snap-shots of Jason & I in our seats before the usher approached us and before he could get a word out I began babbling that I am sorry, I am putting my camera away BLAH BLAH BLAH.... making an idiot of myself I realized that the camera is not why he came to talk to us!!! He wanted Jason to be a part of the show!!! He handed Big J a HUGE candy bar and told us that one of the "Blue Men" was going to climb up the latter over the balcony and come find the candy bar!!! The close encounter with the BLUE MAN was so much fun....IF only I could have taken a picture!!! Such a fun show!!! We headed back to the Stratosphere to catch a few winks of the eye before we set out on the next endeavor....driving to St. Johns at 2:00 in the morning to make it back to spend Easter with the boys and for Tyson's farewell. I think we were both relieved that night to get our rowdy little monsters to sleep and hit the sack ourselves. Its good to be home, even better 5 years, and this time around we didn't come home with an unexpected 'bun in the oven'!

Early Easter Activities

Rewind to last Monday....F.H.E. we decided (since it was St. Patties day and that coming weekend was Easter & our anniversary & the fact that 3 months ago we didn't know our anniversary would fall on Easter weekend so we blindly booked a little getaway for 2 to Vegas...) that Big J & I had better create a little Easter/Clover Day fun with our rowdy little boys to redeem ourselves for our lack of better planning. So in our defeat to make us feel somewhat less guilty for not spending the 'holiday' with our 'guys' we (Jason) had the BIG idea to make green eggs & pancakes (in honor of the Irish holiday) And I had the duty of coloring Easter Eggs with 2 boys that have ants in their pants. 2 egg dye spills later and 4 full bellies of GREEN pancakes made up our night of fun...BUT we still felt bad that we wouldn't get to share in the little squeals of "the Easter Bunny came!"

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Pat's Day

Happy St. Pat's Day!
May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light & may good luck pursue you each morning and night.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My "MAN" Tag

1- What is his name? Jason Edwin Whiting
2- How long have you been married? Almost 5 years (on March 21st). Where does the time go!?!
3- How long did you date? 2months....engaged 3...and then come marriage and the baby in the baby carriage.
4- Who eats more sweets? I definitely have the sweet tooth in the Family.
5- Who said I love you first? He might want to argue w/ me on this one BUT pretty sure he said the three magical words first.
6- Who is taller? Big J by a foot.
7- Who can sing better? Its a tie. I think we both could screech out some pretty sweet notes.
8- Who is smarter? He is, but I'm always right!
9- Who does the laundry? Unfortunately I get the privilege to do the dreaded chore.
10- Who pays the bills? I do, but he checks up on me and keeps me on task.
11- Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do.
12- Who mows the lawn? He hates it when I do the lawn (makes him feel less manly) BUT only try to steal the chore away from him because 1- its a good little work out to push that things around & 2- ( I usually try and do during the week while he is at work) I would rather get to spend my Saturdays with him then working ALL day.
13- Who cooks dinner? I do BUT would love to hand that chore over to Big J ANY time he wants to give it a shot.
14- Who drives more? Jason definitely does.
15- Who is more stubborn? I think I have to chalk up my board on this one. Just call me Little Ms. Stubborn.
16- Who kissed who first? He would say I was all over the 1st kiss BUT it was a mutual kiss.
17- Who asked who out first? He would say I did and I would say he did BUT truth be told it was a blind date.
18- Who proposed? He did.
19- Who has more siblings? I do. 6 kids to 5 kids.
Thanks for the "Man" Tag Lyndsay. Tags are always fun! Now I tag Tatum, Dawn, & how about....Shawna. Have fun girls!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

Disneyland 2008

And we're back to reality. Last week we took the little monsters that insist on living with us to Disneyland & to the California Adventure Theme Parks. Saturday we said goodbye to Snowflake, made a quick dash to Phoenix, and flew out from SkyHarbor early Sunday morning. When we landed in California they were in the middle of a down pour and we thought our chances of spending the day remainder of the day at "Mickey's Clubhouse" was shot. Luckily, just a couple of hours later when Steven and Amy arrived (they must have brought some of that good ole Arizona wheather with em) the rain had stopped!!! So we packed the kiddos up and set off to "the happiest place on earth." Day one was non-stop rides, laughs, and for us moms & dads....acting like kids again. I think we went on EVERY ride along with our quatro of little men!!! Day two - Crew woke up and said : "I don't want to go to Disneyland!" You gotta be kidding me, what kid doesn't want to go to Disneyland!?! A kid that says, "I sick!" Then begins to spill vomit all over you and the rest of the hotel room. Crew told us later that he wanted to see Mickey, to our better judgement, we took the boys to Disneyland that day. The extent of our stay at "the happeist place on earth (when your not sick)" was one ride down Splash Mtn, a wet Shanda, & a sick and sopping wet Crew. We went back to the Hotel and let the poor boy sleep the rest of the day. Luckily, the next morning Crew woke up and started naming all the characters he wanted to see, the rides he didn't want to go on (because they were scary), and wanting to ride on Buzz Lightyear this many times (as he held up his fingers). The following days where magical....not only for the little monsters but for Big J & I as well. It was everything we could have hoped for (minus the sick day). To see our boys eyes light up, to make little dreams a reality, and making memories that will last a lifetime. We can't wait to go again!!!