Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shrek Stinks

Crew: "Mom, ummm...I thinks Shrek stinks....he's pretty smelly."

Mom: "Why? Can you smell him???"

Crew: (sniffing the air and shaking his head yes continues on...) "because he is dirty and needs to take a bath and the dirties are making him green."

Mom: Oh, OK.

Crew: "Yeah, he needs a bath to wash the green dirties off and get human again, I thinks that will make him feel better."

Mom: (laughter)

2A.M. Play-Date

12:00A.M. - Jason & Shanda roll into bed

12:01A.M. - Jason snoring

1:00A.M. - Shanda tossing and turning

1:30A.M. - Crew running through the room to go potty just making it in time.

1:50A.M. - Shanda finally doses off

2:00 Freakin' A.M. - Trip learns a new trick and climbs out of his crib stands in the doorway of my room and says "Hi, Mom!" and takes off running through the house.

2:30A.M. - Trip back in bed...Shanda thinks to self, "and so it begins..."

3:00A.M. - Crew walks in hauling everything but the bed frame itself into the room and complains, "Trip is being naughty...can I sleep with you?"

3:30A.M. - Crew is snoring in sync w/ Big J while Shanda & "The Midnight Misfit" go head to head.

4:30A.M. - Dosing off for the 2ND time sighing a breath of air into the pillow when....a little angry fist hit the bedroom door wanting "Mama!"

4:31A.M. - Jason waking up for the first time last night, puts the "misfit with a cool new trick" back to bed and FINALLY Shanda gets the blessed sleep she needs (well at least a few hours or so)....until we had to get up and get Crew to school. I am so looking forward to nap time today!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Handbag Give-away

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I may just be the new hangbag whore!!! Gotta have one!!!
Love Them!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Come One - Come All...

I am having a Scentsy Party this Thursday, October 16th at 7 pm at my house (come & go) and I want to invite everyone who might glance at my blog. I realize I am posting this a little late to really give anyone notice but better late than never, right! My friend sells these and I wanted to have an excuse to get together with the girls so I decided to have a party . . . and these are the cutest things ever! Here is a little blurb from the catalog:"Scentsy is the safest and hottest new thing in candles. The beautiful ceramic warmer houses a 25 watt light bulb that slowly melts the soft, fragrant Scentsy bar and fills your home or office full of one of more than 80 great, long-lastin scents!"You guys should check out the website! They really are way cute and fun! Hope to see you there!Oh! And if you want to come email me at and I will give you directions!

Harvest Festival

50 mph gusts of wind, dirt in our faces, chicken attacks, tractor rides, Willis Farm, & pumpkin pickin'...this was Snowflake Harvest Festival 2008. First, the wind was ridiculous...cold, blowing dirt all around us, and lets not even mention what it did to my hair. Chicken attacks...while we were waiting for our tractor ride to the farm there was a little chicken coop the boys where checkin' out when dun dun dun...Crew's little fingers looked more like tasty worms to the Big Rooster when he snapped at them....which turned into a dramatic scene of tears. Tractor ride made out to be the most exciting ride ever for our little rebels. The farm & pumpkin pickin' was a hit (besides being pasted in gusts of dirt) and 4-picks of perfect pumpkins we were out of there and home safe from the cold wind and glad that we where finally done fighting the elements at Harvest Fest.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Locked Out

What do you do when your 2 year old locks himself in the bedroom, cant get out....and the room key is inside that room? Well you break into your own house from the outside and call on your 4 year old to climb through the bedroom room window to save the day! So a little panic set in the other day when I came down the hall after cleaning up the kitchen and realized that Trip had locked himself in my room...and the room key was no where to be found (because it was on top of the armoire in MY ROOM!) I knocked, called his name, pounded on the door, yelled his name, considered kicking the door down on try #3 when I screamed his name and he wouldn't respond!!! Yes, hysteria was setting in and every awful unimaginable thing ran through my mind in the 5 minutes it took me to figure out how to get into that room. A light bulb went off in my head when I remembered I had left my bedroom window cracked open and I could send Crew on a Rescue Mission and boost him through and he could save the day! So we did just that...and Trip thought is was great...he laughed and laughed when he saw Crew climbing through the window...the little booger was just fine...he was entertained with his bottle, snuggled into the pillows and blankets on the bed, and kickin' back watching cartoons. Should have can't get in front of a little man and his 'toons!