Wednesday, January 21, 2009

She Will be Missed...

On January 19, 2009, Nanette Stradling Whiting was welcomed home to live with her Father in Heaven.
She was born to Larry and Peggy Stradling on April 20, 1954, in St. Johns, Arizona, and was the second of four children, Virginia Butler , Larry Von Stradling, and Tanya Clines.

On November 12, 1977, she married the love of her life, Edwin Marion Whiting. They started their life in Salt Lake City then moved back to their hometown of St. Johns where they raised five children, Jason, Jaymi, Julie, Tyson, and Cord Whiting. She loved life and loved being a mother. She spent much time in teaching her children to work, play, to enjoy family, respect others, to be Christ-like, but most importantly she taught them to love and live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nanette loved her Savior and family. Her life was dedicated to serving those around her, and above all, her family. More than anything in this world she loved her husband, her kids and especially her grand kids. She was a talented woman who loved life and excelled at whatever she did.

She was a lifelong member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and served unconditionally in all her callings as well as in her community. She touched many peoples’ lives through her example, her love, and her generosity. She will be sorely missed by her husband Edwin Marion Whiting, her five children Jason (Shanda) Whiting, Jaymi (Dallas)Davis, Julie (Butch) Nielsen, James Tyson Whiting, and Joseph Cord Whiting ; her Father, Larry Stradling and Step-mother , Laura Stradling; her brother Larry Von (Rhonda) Stradling and two sisters Virginia (Butch) Butler and Tanya (John) Clines.
She was preceded in death by her mother, Peggy Stradling.

Nanette was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter and friend. We will always cherish and remember her in our lives.

Funeral services will be held, Saturday the 24Th of January at 11:00 am at the St. Johns Stake Center. There will also be a viewing on Friday, Jan 23rd from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Burnham Mortuary in St. Johns, Arizona.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cardinals Mania

Finally the Arizona Cardinals got their "cold day in hell" and are going to the Super Bowl. OK, so it was a very exciting weekend here in the Whiting household. The rebels and I have caught the "Bird Fever" that has been radiating from Big J all month long and can't wait for Bowl number XLIII....BUT...dun..dun.dun...this family is trading in the sofa, the big screen, the great commercials, and football party for a road trip to Cali and spending the rest of game day with Mickey Mouse at Disney Land! To my poor husband: Do not worry we can listen to sports radio for the entire trip, and you wont miss a thing because when we get home it will be recorded on our TV thanks to TiVo, we will ALL dress up in "Cardinals Drag" (and even go the distance and paint our faces IF you would like), we will bring our Cardinals towells and wave them around in the car, we will hoot & hauler when Fitzgerald scores a touchdown, and don't forget Disney Land has the ESPN Zone that we can celebrate and catch glimpses' of the game. Get ready America its time for the Revenge of the Arizona "Birds"!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Standoff = Jason VS. Trip

The "Standoff" began at 11:00pm last night when Jason and I where flabbergasted when a little 2 year old marched his way right into our room threw his bottle on the bed and gave his demand for another "BA BA!" Jason turned stern then yelled at him to, "go to bed now!!!!" He just decided to plug his ears and stand his ground at the foot of our bed and repeated his demand. Stubborn kid I wonder where he gets that from?

Happy Birthday Jason

Happy 30Th Big J. Or should I say Triple X..X..x..with the dramatics!?! Isn't this the coolest birthday comic ever!?! I just wanted to wish you the best on living your "three decades of death-defying experience" (especially the last 5 with me & the rebels). The "fellas" and I love & appreciate all you do for our little family. Hope you enjoy the Cardinals Game and don't forget to...#1-Go Crazy, #2-Wave your Cardinals towel with pride, and #3-don't forget to high-five the drunks around you!!! Love Ya, Me & the Boys.

I am Officially "BUGGED"

I am officially "BUGGED." Jason surprised me Christmas morning with this little device that I have coveted since seeing it modeled on the contestants of The Biggest Loser. Now the bug is my constant companion attached to me 24/7 reminding me to THINK before I take a bite into something that will grace my hips with another 5+lbs. Having this little companion tag along with me is a lifesaver. Thanks Jason...I love you too! Check out what this "BUG" can do:

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Re-Cap & Joining the "Holidays Recovery Program"

This year we traded in our annual "Whiting New Years Eve Party Bash" for a dinner date at Molly Butlers in Greer, AZ. A nice little get away with friends and family without getting our hands dirty with cooking, game planning, entertaining, & cleaning up at 2am when the party is over.
(Sorry, to all those who where disappointed we didn't party our way out of 2008...the "Whiting Party Bash" is coming back for 12/31/2009....details coming this fall.)
Our New Years checklist was simple this year.
*dinner reservations-check. *babysitter-check.
*handsome date-check.
*friends, family, & good laughs-check. *midnight kiss-check.
We had a great time ringing in 2009 effortlessly and now can begin our recovery process from the holiday burnout that Big J & I experience year after year with ALL our holiday parties, birthdays, and more. Happy New Year!!!

And a HUGE thanks to Dallas for "wetting his pants" and being such a good sport and providing laughs for the entire now this pic was going to be shared with everyone. Details to the "Wet Pants" story below:
At first glance you think this poor soul has peed his pants. Its not necessarily the case. Dallas was a victim of "Spilt Milk." While we were all laughing and having a good time Jason's hand reached out to shake another's and Dun...Dun...dun...a glass tipped over, the drink made its decent onto Dallas chair, and from there Dallas attempted to run from the fluid only to find he was too late, thus creating his "wet pants" look. And what a good sport he was to let me capture his "pee pants" on film. Thanks for providing laughs for the rest of the night Dallas!!!