Monday, June 29, 2009


Every household that contains testosterone within its walls has been anticipating the arrival of TRANSFORMERS II (the Revenge of the Fallen). The recap of our date night went something along the lines of this: Husband + Wife + a little added baggage named Crew = a little drive to the Movie Theater, paid for our tickets, picked up our popcorn & drinks at the concession stand (a must do for any movie), staked out our seats, settled down for entertainment, watched Crew get his first on screen crush on Megan Fox, holding hands & sharing popcorn with the one I love, and feeding into the cheers of oohs & ahhs of our little 5 year old boys excitement while the "good-bots" beat up the "bad"-bots and won. I don't know who was the better date, the one who paid for it or the one that made it so entertaining...they'll have to settle for a tie.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Little Slugger

T-ball season has come to an end. Mr. JCrew laced up his cleats, slapped on his ball cap, and carried his glove out on the field one last time. Although our little 5 year old got a little bored with the game halfway through the season and not to mention a little distracted while waiting to catch a ball or get a hit during games, he still loved playing with his little team-mates. He stuck with it, he loved it, and looked so handsome while hittin' dingers at the park!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Saguaro Lake Getaway

The Whiting Families spent the weekend down by the river....we had a weekend planned full of sun, water, and relaxation at the SRP lake homes. Minus the boat this year, (may it rest in peace), we still had a a fun time laughing & relaxing with the kids and one another. Our days were spent watching kids splash in the pool & attempt cool new tricks on the slip and slide, driving into to town and taking the kids to the movie UP (which is definitely a new fave), late night competitive games of Mexican Domino's, a very serious game of 3 on 3 volleyball (plus a few little helpers on each team) and launching water balloons using each other as targets. It was a lot of fun and our family can't wait to go again.

Swim Lessons

Our little Goldfish (that thinks he's the Big Kahuna) Mr. JCrew is taking the long awaited plunge for swimming lessons. It was so much fun to watch all the little kids try to prove their swimming skills in the water. Some were pros, some panicked, and others sank like rocks...thanks goodness for all the great lifeguards staked out in & around the pool. Crew will learn to swim yet...that is, IF he won't be concerned about doing the "Most Perfect Cannon Ball ever" and listen to his very patient ever so sweet Swimming Teachers. Crew, you will be a shark yet!