Monday, August 17, 2009

Lucky Me

So traditionally I am not one who is fortunate enough to enter into a random drawing and actually win anything. In fact, I tend to be cynical in regards to throwing my money away into a few tickets to be tossed into hundreds that then gets randomly pulled out...and as lessons have been learned...I do not EVER WIN ( I leave the luck up to Big J)!!! That is until I attended the annual Snowflake/Taylor Business Expo-Preparedness Fair and was convinced to donate my $5 into a drawing. Big J already had the stench of victory all over him after a big win on a Kurt Warner Cardinals jersey. So, a little eager for the 'wife' to gamble on a picture of Christ, he urged me to put all my tickets in to attempt to win this beautifully framed piece of art. My tickets were dropped into the jar, regretfully, and the drawing was made....I didn't believe it at first (probably because they were not pronouncing my name correctly) until fingers were all pointing at me. I was elated!!! My 1st REAL big win!!! Luck was on my side...finally!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Sonic Bandit

The Plan: take the rebels to the park to celebrate our 1st days back to school. The Story: we arrive at the park, early evening, along with many other families that seemed to have the same plan as us. Kids ran around laughing, playing, and recognizing one another from classes, to the playground, to bus rides home. All is well, that is until Dun...Dun...dun...I catch a glimpse of my son, Trip, eyeing a near by picnic table loaded with an innocent families dinner from Sonic. I think nothing of it other than hmmm...we should pick up dinner after we leave. I do a double take as I hear laughter coming from Trip's recent location...our little rebel had sprinted towards the table, taken it upon himself to climb into the middle of their table to feast on their leftovers!!! Humiliated (and killing from laughter inside) I run over to table apologizing...thank goodness the victims were more than welcoming to invite the "Crasher" to dinner with them. So next time you bring your meal from Sonic to the park...beware of the "Sonic Bandit" that may be stalking the playground!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kindergarten's Here!

Well, the day has come. The tears have been shed (All by me, of course. Didn't you know, "Kindergartner's don't cry when they go to school."), his shoes tied tight, back-pack strapped on, and the much anticipated day of attending Kindergarten has arrived. Our little boy (excuse me, Big Boy) is off on a new school, new friends to meet, new things to learn. What Fun! Almost makes me want to go back to Kindergarten...almost, I said ;) I can't wait to hear the stories of his 1st day of school!!!

New Church Calling

2+ years walking through the halls of church, enjoying Relief Society, chatting it up with the ladies in the lounge, and now the day has come when I have yet again been assigned a "Calling." Always a little nervous when the Bishop calls you into his office not knowing what he will ask of you....BUT, I couldn't have been more excited when he uttered the words Primary. I love the primary kids and was assigned to teach the 7-8year olds (such a fun age and always fun to celebrate and witness their baptisms). I am thrilled to take on the new challenge of 13+ boys and girls to teach in primary.


After 40+ years (43 to be exact) of doing "A big ol' pile of shift work" Pop's actually retired (to many peoples surprise) from the Paper Mill in Snowflake. The fam threw him a surprise retirement party in red, white, and celebration of his "Sweet Freedom" from work. There were over a hundred people who showed up to support him and celebrate his retirement. I think we all laughed and cried at the stories that MANY felt "inspired" to tell about our Dad and his selfless service he has provided throughout his life thus far. We expect him to start making the rounds to see his grand kids. NO MORE: Work seven to three - Three to eleven - Eleven to seven - A big ol' pile of shift work! Congrats Dad.