Saturday, May 23, 2009

Preschool's Out...

(Pre) School's Out Forever...for our strapping young man Mr. JCrew. He came home with his Graduation Certificate in hand, a smile on his face, and three cheers...summer is FINALLY here! These past few months of preschool have been filled with questions about Kindergarten, and how to tie his shoes so that he can graduate to go to Kindergarten, and every morning the question gets asked..."Mom, is it a Kindergarten school day yet?" 2 years in preschool has long been enough for this little rebel...he is definitely ready to enter into the Big World of Kindergarten learning....we too, are excited and nervous, for him to be a Big Kindergartener next year...what a HUGE milestone we will all get to tackle together.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tree Monkeys

Two little monkeys swinging in the tree....literally, swinging and screaming with glee. My little adventurers decided to climb the apple tree to get away from the "wild animals in the grass, aka: the dog" ...or so the story is told. And of course Crew just had to have his 2 year old partner in crime, Trip, get into the tree too, by assisting him with a chair and a little boost. It's a wonder to me that we have yet had an emergency room visit for broken bones & stitches (knock on wood). I can only imagine what these little monkeys will attempt to climb next. I'm sure it will go along the lines of this...1-bigger trees 2-the walls of my house 3-and Everest!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Crinkled Mother's Day Card

This is what Rebel #1 comes home with, grasping a card in his little hands, on Mother's Day...

(All the reasons I LOVE my Mom)

  1. My mom is special because...she always helps me be good.
  2. My mom's the funniest when she...makes funny faces.
  3. My mom always says...good things to me.
  4. My mom does lots of things. She' best
  5. My mom is smart because she knows all about...stuffs.
  6. My mom's the prettiest when...she goes to church.
  7. I like it when my mom...helps me with school stuffs.
  8. My mom is special because she...loves just me.

What a sweetheart. To tell you the truth I think my little guy may have had a little help answering or, for lack of a better word, "altering" some of his replies (specifically on #'s 3, 1, and I gotta give credit to the teach on #6). All in all I couldn't be happier with my testosterone overloaded house...I love my Whiting Boys. Thanks for the Mother's Day.