Thursday, November 22, 2007


Love - The Whiting Family

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Mini Vaca. filled full of fun!

Crew & Kedzie
Yet another weekend we paid a visit to the Valley! As much as we are there (for J's work/meetings w/ clients, visiting family, shopping, & going out with friends) you'd think we live there! Oh well, only in MY dreams, BUT we do love getting to go and visit everyone! We had an AWESOME time! The Agenda: left Snowflake (before the sun was up) Friday morning - Jason dropped me and the kiddos off @ The Wilhelm's - Big J went to his meetings - Kristen & I took the kids to the Scottsdale train park w/ some of the gals in her ward - J took care of business @ the dealership w/ our truck (long story short : I got pulled over and TICKETED because my windows tint was too dark!!! So J called up the dealership, gave them what for, for selling us an "illegal" truck and thank our lucky stars they took care of it all = new tint & paying the ticket!) anywho, back to the weekends agenda: Kristen & I put together princess wands (for Kedzies party) kids took a nap :) - Went out to eat w/ Davis' and Smith families - Dropped boys off with Steven & Amy (thanks so much for watching the boys for us!!!) - Went to Ammon's BIG "hooray cancer gone party bash", played some mean games of musical chairs & mellow fights :) - picked up our monsters from Steven & Amy - on to day 2 - went to little Steven's t-ball game - Amy took Crew w/ after the game (thanks again Amy) - Big J & I went shopping for Christmas & grabbed lunch - picked up Crew - went to Kedzies "Princesses & Knights" B-Day party - ate some yummy cake - cleaned up - and said our thank yous & goodbyes and headed up the mountain home :) Its always a fun time for Mom & the boyz to get away and have a good time! Our little mini Vaca's to the Valley hold some of our favorite memories in them :)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

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Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween!
Treats, treats, and more treats! Crew is stocked for the rest of the year AND the next and so on and so forth! We had such a fun Halloween! First it was off to school for Crew (dressed as SpiderMan) taking along his cupcakes to share w/ his class (he was convinced it was his b-day). After he got his sugar fix at school he came home to even more Halloween visiting teachers paid me a visit and brought us yummy yummy cookies (thanx girls). My monsters were literally bouncing off the walls of our home! FINALLY there was a lull in Crew's sugar high and I took advantage! He was out for the count along with the other little monster that reeks havoc in our home AND I went to work! ( I guess I was Cinderella for Halloween after all the cleaning I did! ) Then it was party time! We transformed our boys into SpiderMan (Crew) and The Bug (Trip) and we were off to Grandma's house! Knock Knock...trick or treat.....BOO! Grandma was a WITCH! Then off to the church we went (ward dinner & trunk or treat party). Crew loaded up!!! And as if that wasn't enough treating we went to the Halloween Carnival that the Chamber of Commerce put on at the school! (BIG J is the Chamber Pres. so we are an on the go "show" family to nearly EVERY function). Good Times! Good Memories! Glad its over with! Now who wants some candy!?!