Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why Semi's Should Really Avoid U-Turns

Big J's story of the day: Why semi's should really avoid u-turns even IF on a country road. On my way into work this morning I got caught for about 20 minutes at a stop light. The line moved slowly forward and I could not see why it was taking so long. Well my frustration increased as I rounded the bend and noticed a semi parked across the road. My first thought was what the ---- is this guy doing, hurry up. Then as I got closer my frustration turned to application. This guy was at a total stop and was not going any where any time soon. Apparently the driver had a high dose of intestinal fortitude and tried a U turn. That was not happening today or any day for that matter. One word came to mind as I drove past the trailer.... Classic!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Flower Power

Sisters, mothers, granddaughters, &, hot glue, clips, & beads....these are a few of my favorite things. Hot Glue is a wonderful thing... except all those wispy thread things that get everywhere! I went crazy (along with my mom, sis, & nieces) this weekend with some fake flowers and hair clips and barrettes! We all had a great time acting like we were crafty women for the night. Looks like we found a new hobby!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lake Tahoe, California 2008

One week at Lake Tahoe translates into: 13 hours drive time - Whiting family of 4 jam packed into "The Sardine Can" - potty pit stops in every town along the way - Staying at the "Hancock Rest Stop" in Vegas (thanks Dawn & Wyatt...with out our pit stops, both coming and going, at your fabulous su casa, Big J and I would have most likely lost ALL sanity with one another and with the little rebels) - Dawn & I waiting 45 min. in the drive though at Fat Burger while Fat Burger employees had to go out back and kill the cow - Arriving a beautiful Lake Tahoe and meeting the Ortiz Family - Climbing, dragging, and sweating our way up our 4 flights (60+ steps) of stairs to our room - Taking in the tourist scene at Inspiration Point - Daily beach visits - Swimming, goofy golfing, sand castle making, bird feeding, and snorkeling - 2mile hike to the Lake Tahoe Castle - Late nights with Morgan & Elizabeth reminiscing about Jason and his missionary days with them - Riding the Gondola at Heavenly Ski Resort up 9,000 ft - souvenir shopping - discovering my new favorite pizza place "Blue Dog Pizza" yum - running away from bees & getting stung - many many laughs, jokes about peanuts, & fireworks shopping - and unforgettable memories. Can't wait for Family trip #2 with the Ortiz Family...a great combo.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Pioneer Facials" (achievement days)

HOMEMADE FACIALS: We made home-made facials with our "Achievement Days Pose" from recipes I googled. The girls paired up and smeared each others faces. While we were letting the facials set, we painted our nails, talked about the importance of good grooming, & jammed out to music. The girls had a blast putting avocados all over each other's faces! Here are a couple of recipe fav's:

*Oatmeal Face Mask
1/2 cup of oatmeal
1 smashed avocado
1/3 cup of honey
In a bowl, mix smashed avocado with the honey, then continuously add oatmeal. When all ingredients are mixed well, apply to face and relax. After 10-15 minutes, wash off with warm water. Do this once a week or when you desire relaxation. You won't believe the difference!

*TIP: To loosen blackheads, combine equal parts baking soda and water in your hand and rub gently on your skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

*Breakfast Mask
1/2 cup rice krispies
1/4 cup of strawberries or strawberry juice (like Welches)
1/4 milk
2 Tbsp. cornstarch
Mix and let sit out for 10 minutes to get soggy (it'll stick better!). Put on face for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm water to open the pores and splash with cool water to close them!

Sweet Corn Festival 2008

A little sweet corn anyone? Labor Day weekend we stuck around town for the Sweet Corn Festivities. The parade, craft show, games, horseless rodeo, cook off, bounce castles, and of course to pick up some of that delicious sweet corn to take home with us. Good times, Good Corn, Good Memories together.