Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Faces

It's that time of year when carving pumpkins is a necessity in every home and we have one 5 year old in particular that has been more than eager to cut out his pumpkin face. Our night was set for FHE, dinner gobbled up, pumpkins set out, carving utensils lined up, and away we went cutting, gutting, and detailing our "Jack-O-Lanterns." J & "The Man" worked hard (2+ hours) carving out their wicked flaming Jack and me (with an occasional interest from the little guy) carving out a smiling skeleton. The proof is in the pudding...happy faces from all, pumpkins perfectly carved, and a Family Night well spent.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cookie Crazy

Cookie crazy, coo-coo, in over my head with dough. What started out as a pregnancy craving turned into a ridiculous cookie baking project. I had more than enough help with 2 little monsters that added to the "work" of making over 130+ Halloween sugar cookies...who new doubling my mother's recipe would produce me with that much dough rolling, shape stamping, and cookie baking chaos! Although it created a fun family night it also created flour covered, dough 'n cookie eatin', little messes named Crew & Trip. Next time I will remind my "craving" that doubling the sugar cookie recipe is more work than its worth...even though...they are just that good!

Pumpkin Pick'n At the Garden

This weekend Grandma n Grandpa Smith invited the boys out to the garden to get thier pick of pumpkins that they grew for all the grandchildren. Crew found many that were "just perfect," Trip was a little more interested in finding the bugs in the garden rather than finding the pumpkins, and S & J snatched a couple of thier own from the patch to carve for themselves. And just before leaving, Mr. JCrew put in one request to Grandma: to turn one of her pumpkins into a pumpkin pie...just for him! Thanks Grams n Gramps for the pumpkins!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Perfect Pumpkin

Rebel #1 went on his 1st Kindergarten field trip to the Willis Farm. Kindergartner's got the opportunity to make their merry way through the pumpkin patch and find themselves that "perfect pumpkin" to take home with them. The Rule: no pickin' pumpkins that you (the kindergartner) could not carry home &/or to the bus themselves. This I already new and prepped our little man on what and how to find his pumpkin in the patch that would be just right for him. So he was off, and I was eagerly awaiting his arrival home with his pick. 11 o'clock came and Crew climbing off the bus...with pumpkin in arms...squeals and giggles of excitement, his great pumpkin pickin' accomplishment was relayed to me, "Mom, I just did it! I found the most perfect pumpkin out there!!!" And it was just "perfect."