Thursday, September 24, 2009

When life hands you lemons...

When life hands us lemons, we make lemonade....gallons of it. The Whiting household has been plagued. We are down and out...S is on bed rest & has developed the flu, the "wild things" are snot stricken & sick, and the "glue" that has been holding all of us together has kidney stones. We have been hit with a ton of bricks...this is the vision of our chaos: ALL bundled up in our beds, tissues 'n puke buckets near by, loaded on meds, and waiting for this to pass us by one way or the other. We are just thankful we live near to family and have friends that are sympathetic in our distress. "This too shall pass..." and we will look back and laugh at the week from Hell in the Whiting Household :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

A Bun is in the Oven

A Bun is cookin' in the oven at the Whiting house. This will make "Bun" #3 and boys are excited to have an addition to our already existing chaos. As tradition goes with my pregnancies I tend to get a little sick (that may be an understatement...I get a lot sick), so IF you haven't already suspected we have been carrying around a secret now its out in the open. I had my 1st OB/baby check up visit this week and this is our delima: those of you that have been in on our secret know I have been spotting/bleeding sporadically throughout this pregnancy along with being very very sick. In this Dr. visit we were hoping to get answers to the cause of bleeding and being reassured that everything is okay with the baby. Well...first attempts at finding the heartbeat were negative (which was a little devastating for me) they sent me right away to the ultrasound tech there in the office and she did a vag. procedure to get images and attempt to hear the heartbeat...which was an instant success and good news. Heartbeat was very strong and the baby is growing and developing fine (and we are actually a week further along in the pregnancy than we thought :) ). BUT, there was a concern that the Dr. later discussed with me...where the placenta has decided to attach and the sight of the bleed is right at my cervix...not the best place for it to be...the concerns = IF we begin bleeding continuous the chances of miscarriage are inevitable....IF I continue to carry this baby with the tear remaining were it is this makes out for a very risky c-section delivery, the Dr. will have to "make his move very fast" as he will be cutting through more tissues/and in a more dangerous area than usual (Good news is he has done this surgery before on several women and has been successful his words, "it's not easy but we will be successful.")...AND/OR... what we are praying for (and asking all of you to keep us in your prayers) is that as the baby& placenta continue to grow that the sight of the tear will be pushed upward and to the side making surgery/delivery a much better ( and less scary) experience. I have been placed on complete pelvic bed rest and may remain down for the extent of the pregnancy. We are confident in our Dr. and following his guidance to get this baby here healthy and happy. We would appreciate it if you would remember us in your prayers...and are relying on the Lord to help us(me) keep it together...we got a long 9 months(actually 6 months) ahead of us. We love you guys, Jason, Shanda, & Fam. THANKS.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

100 Club

Counting to 100 is a BIG least in Mrs. Tanner's Kindergarten class. Mr. JCrew has been bragging since the 1st day of school that he can count to 100 and was ready to be in "The Club" (plus pick out his 100 items from the treasure box for his BIG reward). So the day finally arrived when he was given the opportunity to show his stuff...and he did. Crew is now officially a member of Mrs. Tanner's 100 Club. Their couldn't be a kid any prouder...and parents too!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Virgil Whiting Reunion

The Whiting Homestead, is a place that is sacred to many and holds memories that can't be sold. Our family was found on Labor Day weekend at the Virgil Whiting Family Reunion. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, the dirt, rain, & mud were all in attendance (minus me a couple of days - I was a little too sick to rough it...wink wink. ) My "Fellas" loved the homestead, getting acquainted with cousins, the dirt, and becoming real mountain men! They had all kinds of fun, dancing a jig, listening to stories, crawdad fishing, having mud fights, launching water balloons and roughing it up with ALL the boys!!! I am so thankful to be a part of such a rich heritage of family. I know my 'Whiting Boys' can't wait to go again.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lil' Artist

It must be a right of passage in every 2 year old life to get their crafty little hands on a pair of crayons, markers, makeup, etc. and smear it along walls, legs, arms, furniture, etc. etc. - It fathoms me that our little artist will find these messy 'applicators' when these items are clearly out of sight, out of reach, and locked away!!! We got to break this bad habit of our little Picasso's coloring his legs & arms & the house before I loose all sanity scrubbing away at little scribbles.