Tuesday, January 15, 2008


One New Years Resolution down hundreds more to go. Last weekend I participated in the P.F.Changs Marathon & 1/2 Marathon run in Phoenix. Why did I do it? Well my answer is this, why wasn't I doing this sooner!?! I have held myself back for the past several years thinking that I was doing my "job", being the mom, the wife, the cook, the maid, etc.etc.etc., then it FINALLY hit me, I wasn't satisfied with the title of "ordinary mom" I had cut myself out of the equation and had forgotten to take care of me. So with '08 in view I started training for the new me. Finding that person I once was. Running the 1/2 Marathon was so much more personal than just "running a 1/2 marathon." It meant that this is the year I FINALLY get rid of the "baby weight", FINALLY get a few girlfriends to just laugh with, FINALLY not to sweat the small stuff, because it really is just "small stuff." and the resolutions just go on. The 1/2 marathon was awesome. Over 30,000 participants ran/walked the marathons. (only 9,000 ran the full marathon some 21,000 ran/walked the 1/2 marathon) We were given 4 hours to complete the 13.1 miles or we would be wheeled across the finish line. My only goal - not to be the one "wheeled" across the finish line! I really surprised myself at how well I did. My estimated arrival time to finish was 3:45:00 and my official arrival time at the finish was 3:16:11. Emotions ran high I as I saw my husband and boys in the stands cheering me on at the finish. Were did I get the umph I needed at the end to finish? Well I like to think it was from them. For them, for me, for the experience, I DID IT! And I now know that I can do it, anybody can. Now I am looking forward to run #2 (running together w/ BIG J), Pat's Run, benefiting the Pat Tillman Foundation in April. So IF any of you are interested check it out @ http://www.patsrun.com/.

Thanks Jason for helping me reach my goals. For early mornings, late nights, and keeping the kids out of my hair while training. This really meant so much to me, more than you'll ever know. Its Tuesday, so I guess that means I love you today!!! HA! Just keepin' it real BIG J!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Called To Serve

Called to Serve
Friday night the Whiting Klan rounded together for the unveiling of Tyson's "Mission Call." Everyone had their guesses and bets were all on the table, so were will twin #2 be called to serve!?!......drum roll please.....Billings, Montana!!! Congrats Ty! Jason & I couldn't be more proud of both you and Cord for your decisions you have both made to serve missions!!! We Love You!!!

Holiday Jumble

New Years Eve Party Bash 2007!

Another year gone by another year to set out for great things BUT first things first.....you gotta end that year with a BANG! So what better than a New Years Party with your favorite people!?! Jason & I hosted this years New Years Eve Party Bash at our pad and it was a BLAST! Crazy games, Great Food (not IF you made your New Years Res. early to lose weight! HA!), and a few of our Favorite People were all in attendance to RING out our last night of 2007! The night started out with a little get to know you (and everyones marital issues, ALL in good fun of course!) called "The Newly Wed Game." Answers were hilarious and some even a little heated BUT no divorces reported yet! Game #2 - well I don't really know what to call this game other than just telling you how its played and seeing the attached photo! We took a pair of pantie hose dropped an apple (verses the cucumber) down a leg of the pantie hose, tied the pantie hose around your waist (just keeping the apple above the ground) and you raced your partner swinging your hips (while not using your hands) to knock a ball across the finish line! This game was one of our favorites and a party hit!!!

Game #3 - Was the 'Frozen' t-shirt contest! Yes a "FROZEN" t-shirt contest in the dead of winter!!! I took a bunch of old gym shirts, soaked them in water, folded them up, packaged them in Ziploc bags, and put them safely away in the freezer until we ready for the game! Couples were given 1 towel and their imagination to de-thaw the t-shirt enough for the husband to put it on!!! Yes, put it on!!! Kudos to Tomi & Mark for being our FROZEN T-SHIRT WINNERS!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out to ring in 2008 with us!!! We hope you all have a great time!

Mr. JCrew Whiting Turns 4yrs Old!

Jason "Crew" Whiting
12/30/03 * 7lbs 8oz. * 20in long

Another birthday amidst the holiday traffic! Happy Happy birthday Mr. JCrew! The years just get better and better as they grow up! This year he was insistent on having his 1st "REAL" birthday party with friends!!! I think everyone, from the lady at the checkout counter, to the teller at the bank, even from the stranger at the store & EVEN "Santa Clause", new Crew was having a Birthday Party! He was very insistent on having a "snake cake" (he picked it out himself from one of my favorite cookbooks : Cooking for Kids & Kids Party Foods). So we tailored EVERYTHING towards a dirty icky bugs, snakes, spiders...Oh My(party theme)! The party was a success and he had so much fun!!! I can't wait until next year to see what this kid dreams up for his 5th birthday!!! His imagination will only get bigger and better and I'll have to keep up with him to make more amazing cakes!!! Happy Birthday Crew!!!