Monday, October 29, 2007

What Curse?

Boston Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell is lifted into the air by coach Luis Alicea Gafter the Red Sox won the baseball World Series with a 4-3 Game 4 win over the Colorado Rockies Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007, at Coors Field in Denver. Lowell was named the series MVP. (AP Photo/Jack Dempsey)
What Curse? Congrats to our fav. team the Boston Red Sox for winning the 2007 World Series!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Happy Birthday Sydney

Make a Wish...and BLOW!

Happy birthday Sydney! Sydney just turned the BIG #3! Saturday we loaded up the kids and ran away to Globe for the day to celebrate cousin Sydney's 3rd birthday ( and to see the Davis' new pad). We had such a fun time watching the kiddos play, eat some yummy food (thanx Jaymi), & visit w/ the fam. Crew was so sad when it was time to go. He wanted to stay and smash the pumpkin (even though the pinata was hangin on its last strand). Good times. We just love cousin Sydney and her spunky attitude! She's a sweetie! Here's to you Sydney....Happy Birthday!

Jason VS The Skunk!

Friday night was just an ordinary night in the Whiting home, playing w/ our little monsters - making a yummy treat - watching a movie - putting the monsters to sleep - & Mom and Dad getting some quality time together, that is until dun...dun...dun...just before going to bed our dog starts going ape in the back yard! J jumped up, grabbed the baseball bat and we both ran outside to take care of business. No one was in the back yard, that is until we heard something behind the shed! We had a skunk intruder! The skunk had to go. 1- We didn't want the dog to get sprayed & 2- We didn't want our dog waking up everyone in the 'hood! So J went to work. He couldn't shoot it (gun shots in the middle of the night...not such a good idea), we couldn't let the dog loose on it (that would really stink!), so we got out Crew's trusty sling-shot (and prayed it wouldn't get the best of Big J)! Crew woke up during our little skunk escapade and joined me on the "jump-o-line" to watch dad, hold onto the dog, & keep a look out for the skunk to come out from the shed! It was quite the spectacle watching J do the dirty work against the skunk! Crew & I got a good laugh out of it! Luckily Big J won & got rid of our little midnight pest. ...its a good thing too, otherwise, he'd be sleepin' w/ the dog if he would have lost!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

F.H.E. at the Pumpkin Patch

Monday night we took the two little monsters that insist on living in our house with us to the Willis Farm to harvest a few pumpkins! You would have thought it was Christmas when we pulled into the farm and Crew saw ALL the pumpkins. We gave him one rule, any pumpkin he wanted as long as he could carry it out himself, and off he went searching for the perfect one. We stayed until dark in the patch letting Crew gander over the pumpkins (and taking pictures of all the "Christmas Morning" excitement). I'm sure this won't be the last trip we take to the Willis Farm to check out pumpkins.....we still have to go through corn maze! Guess we know what we will be doing next Monday for F.H.E. Good times in the "Patch."

Redskins Class of 1997 Reunion

Shaun, Ammon, Big J, & Jordan

My old man that I'm married to (BIG J) had his 10year class reunion over HomeComing weekend in St.Johns. They kicked it off HomeComing Day inviting all alumni to the "HomeComing" activities (parade, assembly, football game, etc......). Not a BIG spectacle by any means. All of 4 maybe 5 floats in the parade & the football team just smothered the poor little rez team they played let alone it was freezing cold AND all of a dozen (maybe more???) people showed up to the game!!! Saturday the crowd was a little bigger. They had a family pic-nic at the park and later that night had a casual dinner. J had a good time catchin' up w/ friends AND I had a good time hangin' out with their wives!!! (Good times Alli & Betsy! We need to get together more often!!!) I'll have to con Jason into doing the little "high-school" questionnaire and posting his memories from good ole St.Johns High!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Three Amigos

Connor, Olivia, & Crew

The Three Amigos! Last weekend J had more meetings in Phoenix (woo-hoo! another mini vaca for me & the boys) so the kiddos and I traveled along with! We stayed with Becca & Steve and let the kids loose! Always a good time w/ the Kobrigers! Friday Becca and I took the kids to the park to get their sillies out AND they had the water on in the little fountain area. I knew once Crew saw it, there would be no resisting getting wet! So we let the kids do their damage and strip down to undies and have at it! They had a BLAST! We had such an awesome weekend playing at the park (and getting wet!), Jumping in the blow up castle, going out to eat, taking the kiddos to Dippin' Dots, Becca & I stealing away to the mall while the fellas watched the kids, and late nights laughing & talking! Good Times! I can't wait for Big J to have another meeting(s) in the Valley again! I love & miss it very much! (and yes, even the HEAT!)

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Monday, October 1, 2007

The things "Crew" says.

The things that come out this this kids mouth lately have cracked us up! Since going to Pre-school and learning to talk & communicate better he manages to sputter out some of the funniest things! New things he tells us:
“You gotta be kidding me, Mom!”
“That’s ENOUGH!”
When he wants to get our attention when we are in the middle of something:
“Mom/Dad….I talking to YOU!”
When he wants our attention when we are talking to each other:
“Dad… more talk to Mom!”
“You’re the best!”
“That’s SWEEEET!”
AND last but surely not least one of my fav’s!!!.......
“I a ladies man!”

Hotties by the Pool-Side.

Last week J had meetings in the Valley so Crew played hooky from school and we tagged along. It was a busy couple of days filled with: shopping, going out to eat, playing w/ cousins, swimming, hanging out at the Bass Pro Shop (one of Crew’s favorite places), watching the airplanes coming and going, AND……dun dun dun…..the kiddos pickin up a nasty bug that gave them the WORST poops EVER!!!
Luckily the bug only lasted a few days! Poor little guys!!! Crew wasn’t happy about wearing “diapers” (pull-ups). BUT he survived, and luckily so did we through the STINK (literally)!